Open enrollment deadline set Monday at Hamburg school

Staff Writer
Nebraska City News-Press

The deadline for open enrollment for the Hamburg Community School District is Monday. This applies to all students within the district, including students who would be affected by the school’s high school tuition agreement with Sidney.

High school students can attend at Sidney or may open enroll to schools such as Shenandoah, Essex or Fremont-Mills.

During an information meeting on Thursday at Hamburg, Dr. Mike Wells, the school system superintendent, encouraged high school students to fill out open enrollment forms for multiple schools if they were uncertain what school they wanted to attend in the fall of 2020.

Students in the Hamburg Community School Pre-K through eighth grade may also open enroll out of the district to a school of their choosing. Dr. Wells said the hope is that students will remain in the district so that Hamburg can continue to have a vibrant Pre-K through eighth grade program.

For every five Pre-K through eighth grade students who leave the district, the Hamburg school would have to cut a teacher or equivalent monies.

Dr. Wells will make decisions based on the open enrollment forms turned in by Monday, and, as such, asked patrons to be thoughtful in the process. If a student is thinking about open enrolling and fills out the paperwork, Dr. Wells said he will have to assume the student is leaving and make the appropriate changes to the school budget.