Contractor dump fees set for NC's transfer station

Julie Rach

Contractors that use the Nebraska City transfer station to dump tree and yard waste will be paying more in tipping fees, thanks to a decision by the Nebraska City Housing and Community Development Agency on Feb. 17.

Lawn care and tree contractors that bring  a pickup truck or trailer load of tree or yard waste to the transfer station will be charged a $10 tipping fee per load, said Nebraska City Construction and Facilities Manager Marty Stovall.

The cost increases to $20 per load for large trailers or dump trucks, and to $100 for side-dump trailers, said Stovall.

Stovall added that Nebraska City residents can still dump their tree and yard waste free of charge.

Anyone wishing to purchase mulch from the transfer station will be charged as follows:

Less than a pickup truck load will be a minium charge of $10 per load.

Pickup truck-sized loads will be $20 per load, while dump truck loads will be $50, and semi trailer loads will be $200, said Stovall.

Stovall said future plans at the transfer station call for usable firewood to be located elsewhere for citizen use, and the city will encourage contractors to cut tree waste into 8-foot sections or shorter to speed up grinding time.

The transfer station has cleaned up the tree and yard waste collected from the 2019 storms, said Stovall.

Grant applications are being pursued to help offset the estimated $25,000 to $30,000 in annual costs associated with tree grinding, said Stovall.

Because of the storms in 2019, grinding costs were $56,000 last year, he said.