The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) announced N‑94 east of Pender will be reopened on Saturday morning, ahead of the scheduled November completion date.  The roadway was damaged during the March 2019 flooding, including significant damage to the bridge structure.  NDOT anticipates the highway to be open at 11:00 a.m.

The NDOT partnered with contractor, Valley Corporation, of Valley, Nebraska, who received the$2,307,519.67 emergency contract to repair the existing bridge.  Work began on July 1 to repair the bridge after flood waters in Logan Creek damaged the west bridge approach and severely scoured the adjacent channel.  The flooding undercut the bridge supports, impacting the bridge’s ability to support traffic.  Work includes channel erosion repair, pavement approach replacement, repair of the damaged bridge supports and guardrail repair.

“As we continue progress in restoring our transportation system after historic flooding earlier this year, the partnerships we have with our contractors such as Valley Corporation and the local community make the reopening of this highway ahead of schedule possible,” said NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis. “It has been a top priority to get this roadway open as soon as possible, and it is a day to celebrate as mobility is restored for the community.”

The NDOT thanks all involved for their partnership, effort, and dedication on completing repairs in an expedited time period.

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