Nebraska City girls' wrestlers will be able to participate, but, after a vote by the NSAA, will still not have the chance to compete in postseason tournaments.

Votes by the Representative Assembly of the Nebraska School Activities Association defeated a pair of proposals which would have effected students at both Nebraska City and Lourdes.
The proposals were in regard to athletic additions to the sanctioned offerings by the NSAA.
Had the proposals won approval, girls’ wrestling and bowling would have been added to the sanctioned sports for high school athletes.
The proposals were originally made at individual meetings of six NSAA districts back in November.
In order to continue a tract toward potential approval, the proposals needed to be voted in the affirmative by at least one district.
That occurred, and subsequently, in January, the proposals cleared the hurdle of being voted for in the affirmative by at least three districts.
Representatives from all of the districts then participated in an April vote to either add the new sports or to defeat the proposals.
There are 51 total representatives in the assembly with members representing each of the six districts.
Due to population density, the Lincoln and Omaha districts have the most representatives.

At the vote, 50 representatives were present. One representative was unable to attend and an alternate was also not able to attend.
The proposals needed to win 30 of the 50 votes  cast.
Girls’ wrestling earned 29 votes, falling just one vote short of adoption.
The bowling proposal had 23 votes in the affirmative.
Jay Bellar, Executive Director of the Nebraska School Activities Association, said the process which ended in a vote defeating the proposals will not preclude another proposal process, which would begin in November.
Bellar said there seems to be a lot of support for the proposals and indicated that he would not be surprised if they are once again pursued this calendar year.
The Nebraska City girls’ wrestling team has been competing for two years, however, without the power of NSAA sanctioning, the girls’ team does not have the same opportunity to compete in many meets, including postseason, which the boys’ team enjoys.
Nebraska City has had interest in past years for the addition of a bowling team as well.
Students from Lourdes and Nebraska City compete together on other sports offered by Nebraska City Public Schools as part of a cooperative agreement and would have had the opportunity to compete in either girls’ wrestling or in bowling.