On a day I’m don’t have to labor (? aka Labor Day), I’ve been thinking about a few silly things. For example: An item on our menu for the week offered “Barbecued bee brisket sandwich.” Think about that. I do believe it wouldn’t be very good unless someone was on a diet. The brisket of a bee wouldn’t fill many sandwich buns, would it?
I took that sandwich offering and I must say, the bee must have been really overweight. After I got the fat trimmed off the meat, it must have been from a bee instead of a beef.
My grandfather used to say with a twinkle in his eye “Don’t forget the “e” in Buell! May I say that over the years, indeed it has been forgotten and pronounced in every way you can possibly imagine? Buellee, B-u-elll, Boill – and numerous other interpretations.
Quite a few years ago I took a picture of a Nebraska Department of Roads sign that stated the road was Hwy. 50, Norht. It stayed that way for several weeks – until the newspaper published the picture! It was corrected the next day. Norht had been changed to North! Just one more proof people do read newspapers. Maybe it was place on purpose to see if anyone would know the difference? ay. I don’t imagine many grade school classes h activity for several years. There were
Apparently, spelling doesn’t place high on teaching curriculum needs today. There were only two in my class all the eight grades. We would have a “spell down” on Friday afternoons for one through eight grades. Our good old Dist. #101 students looked forward to that entertainment in our one room school house. Myself, or my classmate, Dale Hall, were usually in that last round. Spelling was perhaps my only claim to scholastic fame. Perhaps?
Do you want to say course or is it coarse? “Co urse” is a course of study or ‘of course.’ “Co arse is perhaps, stringy hair or coarsely ground meat.
Is it to – or too? Simple way to remember is – are you going “to” a destination?  - or are you comparing? Is it “too” much or “too” little?
Time and thyme – it is a good thing they are pretty simple. What ‘time’ is it? Thyme is a herb I have not learned to use in cooking.
Spell check is a great tool to have. It corrects a lot of my mistakes. Even spell check is not infallible. It can’t think and sometimes, I think that could be my problem. There are too many insignificant facts running around up there in my brain. I often forget where I stored them! They can crop up at the darndest times – times when they have absolutely no bearing on the task or the conversation at hand.
Getting back to the task at hand – this column, that is. ‘I forgot what day it was and that I needed to write one.
Can you blame that on the passing of too much thyme? No – the passing of too much time!
Maybe there is too much water “over the dam.” No, it isn’t “over the damn,” I’m pretty certain!
Let’s just end with “too much water under the bridge! I don’t think there is another way to spell bridge, is there? But wait – is it there or their?