Cold, snowy winters have to be good for something, don’t they?
Right now, I can’t find too many things to put on the plus side for cold and snowy days—especially when they arrive in a long string.
Cold weather is hard on the heating bill.
Cold weather makes any outdoor activity difficult—unless you add in skiing, sledding, snowman building, etc.
Cold weather is hard on aches and pains—something I didn’t even give a thought to 50 or 60 years ago! The years change things, don’t they?
 Snowy weather with a little ice thrown in creates a safety hazard for everyone, especially the elderly.
Personally, this elderly person creates any excuse to stay indoors and not risk falling.
 I saw a safety clip on TV about walking on ice. It promoted walking like a penguin.
Guess I have been ahead of my time, because I’ve always waddled like a penguin on ice—or not!
One thing I’ve noticed this winter that might possibly put it in the plus column would be discovering a need for neighbors.
A good friend of mine recently underwent very serious surgery.
He has always been the kind to help everyone else and now he has to rely on others for nearly every need.
The recent heavy snows have been a real concern for him.
His son and daughter do not live nearby to be a continuing daily help.
Whenever it snowed in the past, he was the one that cleared the neighborhood walkways and driveways. Not this year.
Thank goodness, there are still people that are willing to help out, even if they aren’t acquainted with the person that needs a helping hand.
“Snow Angels” have been appearing to keep his walks safe and the driveway clear.
While it hard to convince him he has been “paying it forward” for many years, he truly has.
It is always easier to help someone else than accept help yourself.
This winter has created a new need for a very old American tradition—neighbors!
Neighbors come in all sizes, shapes and ages.
They are still very necessary in this world of technology and independence.
This winter of 2019 has caused us to realize that once more.