The Syracuse City Council met for its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at City Hall.
Orval Gigstad was appointed president of the city council and, as part of his duties, will fill in for Mayor Kc Ortiz in the event he is unavailable or unable to fulfill his position as mayor.  The following re-appointments were also made: City Clerk, Kelly Farmer; Superintendent of Public Works, Jeff Vogt; Building & Zoning Inspector, Bruce Neemann; City Attorney, Brandt, Horan, Hallstrom & Stilmock consisting of Jerry Stilmock, Bob Hallstrom and Ryan McIntosh; City Treasurer, Kelly Farmer;  City Street Superintendent, Evan Wickersham; City Engineer, JEO; City Physician, Zak Templemeyer.
Minutes from the Nov. 13 meeting of the council were approved, as were the claim’s and treasurer’s report for the period of Nov. 15 through Dec. 11, 2019.
Otoe County Sheriff Colin Caudill gave the Sheriff’s Report which included the reporting of 56 incidents, 25 of which were traffic stops. Two incidents were under the category of fraud/ID Theft.  
Sheriff Caudill cautioned individuals on taking phone calls from whom one does not typically receive calls. The month of November, an average of 107 hours per week (basic and manpower hours) were attributed to the City of Syracuse coverage.  
Sheriff Caudill noted an incident on Friday, Dec. 6, which involved the execution of warrants, was a multi-agency endeavor, not an Otoe County investigation and as such, he was not able to comment further.  
Under the Cemetery Board report, Mayor Ortiz reported meeting with the Cemetery Board and city staff.
The purpose and long-term use of the proposed shed to be built at the cemetery was further discussed as were structural details including insulation, windows, type of roof and appropriate location.  An updated bid will be obtained.  
Certificates of Deposit were secured at Countryside Bank, ManeStreet Bank and Tri-Valley Bank. Currently, a money market account is at FirstBank of Nebraska. The certificates were purchased at the direction of the council with the aim of maximising the utility of funds available to the Cemetery Board.
Carolyn Gigstad, a representative for the group working to build a new bathhouse at the Syracuse Aquatic Center, reported on an opportunity to secure an additional $33,000 via the Land and Water Conservation Fund for the project and the council authorized the mayor’s signature on an acceptance letter.
In the Parks and Recreation Report, Jill Crook reported receiving comments that the cemetery looked nice adding that trees had recently been trimmed.  New bleachers at the Legion field were framed up and parking blocks installed.  Leaves have been mulched at the park and landscaping timbers installed around the trees. Elkhorn Fencing will begin installation of the fencing at the dog park.  An ad to hire pool staff is being circulated.
Tim Wilson represented the Syracuse Rescue Squad. In the claims, an expenditure of $117,224 was approved toward the purchase of a new ambulance. Bids will be received through Feb. 12, 2020, for the 2003 Ford 450 ambulance.
The council discussed the current agreement for the lawn and leaf pile cleanup.  Bids will be due by Feb. 12, 2020, and the new agreement will be for a three-year term.   
Resolution No. 19-32 was passed authorizing the mayor’s signature on 2020 Maintenance Agreement No. 45 - Renewal & Certificate of Compliance between the Nebraska Department of Transportation and City for Park Street through Syracuse.
Kyle Kohlmorgen and Marc Munford, Kohlmorgen Benefits, reported giving a presentation to the city employees introducing the healthcare plans and contributions.  
Agenda items under old business related to the Future Land Use and Transportation Map of the Syracuse Comprehensive Development Plan; adopting a new Zoning Map of the City of Syracuse and an amendment to Syracuse Code of Ordinances, Appendix A Subdivision Article 4 Design Standards to allow non-paved streets and onsite sanitary waste facilities were tabled until the January meeting.
Resolution 19-35 was passed outlining how notice will be given for regular, special and emergency city council meetings.