Dec. 20

Santa came to Watson Saturday via a fire truck.  His sleigh was parked out in the country somewhere & Seth Gaines went and picked him up. Me, and about 15 or so other kids tried to convince him we were good. Not sure he believed me.
The Watson Quilters had their Christmas party on Thursday. Those attending were Kathy Sloop, Tammy Oakes, Frances Naukunst, Linda Viets, Rosita & Earl Stoner, Holly Holmes, Donna Whelan, Anita Armstrong, and Kay Gibson.  We had a roaring good Santa exchange, and a feast to eat.
I don’t go out much. Especially at night. Those car lights blind me and I’m uncertain where that middle line is. Please don’t tell the cops and I hope I don’t meet you some night.
But when a great granddaughter calls personally & says, “Granny, would you please come to my band concert tonite?” What do you do? You go.
I looked pale and old and couldn’t figure out why.(laugh right here.) Make-up, I thought, just a little wouldn’t hurt. My make-up is so old that when I put some lip gloss on, my lips stuck together.
Oh, well. I went. It was good. But by the time I figured out which one was her, it was over.