George C. Grape Community Hospital Auxiliary is celebrating the 30tb Anniversary of its Tree of Lights.  
With the donation of $5 per name, anyone can have a bulb lit on the tree in front of the hospital in memory of a loved one or to honor someone special.    
For three decades, the Tree of Lights has been bringing Christmas cheer to George C. Grape Community Hospital patients, staff, visitors, and volunteers.
 The donations will be used for the 2020 Auxiliary projects at the hospital.  
Below is the first list of names in whose memory or honor bulbs have been lit so far and by whom.

In Loving Memory of . . .
Marcus Wright, C.D. Wright, Ella Wright, Kim Napiorkowski, Harry Smith, Edna Smith, and Dorothy Tanz by Darlene Wright
Jack Ziolkowski by the Ziolkowski Family
Fred & Irene Leuenberger, John & Effie Paper, Bob Leuenberger, Diane Torpy, Tam Zuck, and Kathy Kelly by Marty and Ruthie Paper
Sam & Mary Lou Holliman and Debbie Buckalew by Lawrence and Nancy Buckalew
Evelyn & Jim Roop, Francis & Mary Zuck and Emery & Marjorie Zuck by Jim and Diane Zuck
ra & Twillia Turner and Sue Hendren by Gary and Sherry Thompson
Jim & Nancy Pardon, Karla Dent, Frank & Frances Gentry, Homer & Irene Freeman, Angelo & Dolores Van Horsen and Lana J. Van Horsen by Stan and Cherie Van Horsen
Slim & Lucille Bredensteiner, Bob & Shirley Henggeler, Kathy Churchill and Mary Sjulin by Steven and Nancy Middaugh
John C. Scott by Connie S. Scott
Raymond Hodde, Eulalie Hodde, Fountain Shirley and Esther Shirley by Lyle and Alice Hodde
Paul V. Zanker by Carolyn Zanker
Barb Fichter by Angelina Glenn
Virginia Hays, Ruth Pierce and Deb Fengel by Ruth Connell
Mike Glenn by Angelina and Rory Glenn
My Dad Charles Trivelpiece by Vicki and Dale Kirkpatrick
John Bowers by Russell Bowers
Thank you to Marty and Ruthie Paper for acquiring and setting up the tree in front of the hospital to make the bulb lighting possible.
If you would like to participate in the 2019 Tree of
Lights campaign, donations may be sent to Grape Community Hospital Auxiliary, Attn. Nancy Middaugh, 2959
US Hwy 275, Hamburg, IA  51640.   
The list of donations will be continued in future issues of the newspaper as well as on the hospital’s Facebook page.  
The deadline for Tree of Lights donations is Dec. 31.