The Traditional Syracuse Snoflakers Grinch and Grinchette contest has been raising money and creating a little festive Tannenbaum fun for years.  The 2019 contest raised over $3000 that will be donated to the Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department.  David Sabatka and Becca Lechner were elected as the Grinch and Grinchette through donations over the last several weeks.
All of the money collected in the contest goes towards local non-profit organizations.  With four grinch candidates (David Sabatka, Mike Harvey, Tim Antes, and Jay Young) and four grinchette candidates (Becca Lechner, Kelli Easter, Taylor Cameron, Kelli Kuhlenengel), they each had donation jars out B&J’s, Triple D’s, and Beer Stein.  
Sabatka and Lechner’s jars collected the most money, so they were able to designate their funds to the Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department.
Triple D’s was packed November 30 at the Ugly Sweater Party and Grinch/Grinchette contest announcement.  The Syracuse Snoflakers were elected Otoe County Best of the Best Nonprofit for their dedication to community service through fundraising and time given back to the community.