Winning still feels good, doesn’t it?
I didn’t get in any hurry to turn on the football game last Saturday. I admit I wasn’t certain we would win it – even though I’d heard we were “supposed” to do so.
Listening with one ear and a glance at the screen now and then, I kept working on a few other tasks.
Suddenly, the other tasks were put aside to await another time. I needed to give my full attention to the football game. Those Huskers were playing gangbusters. I loved it.
I’m not a “bowl” lover. Never have been, so I think it might be a bit late now to start. BUT – I hope we get there. Surely Iowa won’t mind letting us win this one. The sun will indeed come up on Sunday morning if the Nebraska football season of 2019 ends this coming Saturday. It would be a good thing if it could continue for a little while longer though, wouldn’t it?
One thing I haven’t forgotten is the uncertainty of holiday travel in Nebraska. It appears that this Thanksgiving season will not be an exception. Already the weather forecasters are predicting poor travel conditions throughout most of Nebraska.
I hope everyone can celebrate exactly as they have planned. Most of all, just please stay safe.
The Thanksgiving before Ken was born, my Grandmother and Grandfather Cook were going to take the train from Omaha to Chicago where my Aunt Joan and her family lived. Mother and Dad took them to the depot in plenty of time so they could get home to milk at their usual time.
Oh, yes, they were there in plenty of time. Their train was delayed for 24 hours. I’m sure they had plenty to eat – even without visiting the depot restaurant. My grandmother had boxes and boxes of “goodies” she was taking to the Chicago relatives.
That should have been a “train warning” to our family. Ken and I were stranded for two days in the Lincoln depot when we were returning from his fifth birthday trip to Chicago.
Later, his family was going to travel by train to visit Julie’s parents in Colorado, leaving from Lincoln. Merle took them to the train twice before they were able to leave. We just don’t do well with train connections and storms in our family.
Family, turkey, football games, travel and road conditions. These will be important things to consider in the next few days. Here’s hoping they will all end with a “thumbs up.”