Almost 3,000 drones are registered in 339 cities in Nebraska, including eight in Nebraska City.
Kevin Knorr, a commercially certified drone pilot, provided an introduction to the commercial uses of drones during the Nov. 6 meeting of the Nebraska City Rotary Club.
Nationally, about 878,000 hobby drones and 122,000 commercial drones are registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.
Knorr, who purchased his first drone after he retired from the Nebraska State Patrol, now flies a drone that he uses for agricultural and real estate purposes.
The FAA governs drone usage, said Knorr.
Some of the FAA’s drone rules include
Daylight operations only;
Drone and payload cannot weigh more than 55 pounds combined;
Drones cannot fly faster than 100 mph;
Drones should maintain an altitude of 400 feet; and Drone operators need to watch for other aircraft.
Commercial uses of drones include agriculture, real estate, construction, industry, and real estate, said Knorr.
To get the most effective use from a drone, Knorr said
The pilot should be certified and bonded;
The pilot should conduct a preflight check of the drone;
The pilot should choreograph the mission ahead of time to plan the best uses of the drone; and
The pilot should have an effective way to share photos or videos taken by the drone with the customer.
The Nebraska City Rotary Club meets at noon Wednesdays at the Eagles Club, 600 1st Corso. Guests pay $9 for lunch.