The Otoe County Outdoor Skills 4-H Club will host its first meeting on Saturday, Nov. 9, at 4 p.m. at the home of Jon and Rachelle Tidwell, 900 A St., Palmyra.
The club teaches basic outdoorsmanship that will give youth confidence to go hiking, fishing, birding, and camping, and to return home safely.
The club also promotes stewardship and nature conservancy to ensure resources will be available in the future.
Weather permitting, club members will take short hikes and practice the eight C’s of survival (Container, Cover, Cord-age, Cutting Tool, Combustion, Candle, Compass, and Cell phone) to build shelters, cook, practice first aid, improvise tools, and share stories.
The club encourages youth to learn to deal with the elements by going outdoors as much as possible, but meetings will be held indoors during the winter months and during bad weather to keep members safe.
Upcoming events include cold weather equipment and clothing in December, ridgelines and knots in January, firemaking in cold or damp conditions in February, map reading and compass use in March, using the compass to navigate an obstacle course in April, a walking taco hike in May, fishing in June, campfire cooking in July, a campout in August, and a year-end celebration in September.
Meeting locations will be determined by scheduled activities.
The Otoe County Outdoor Skills 4-H Club is led by Jon Tidwell and Sherlyn Damme.
Tidwell has taught as a 4-H shooting sports instructor with the Douglas-Sarpy County Shooting Sports Club for the past four years. He started the Wilderness Club in Omaha in 2017.
Tidwell is retired from the Air Force and recently completed the Pathfinders Basic Survival Class with Self Reliance Outfitters to bring back new ideas to share with the club. Call Tidwell at 402-541-9542 for more information.