Tabitha President & CEO, Christie Hinrichs shared a thought-provoking message at the nonprofit’s annual Signature Event fundraiser, held at the Country Club of Lincoln. She challenged guests to join her and readjust their attitude on aging.
“Easier said than done,” mentioned Hinrichs as she, too, catches herself alluding to her age with, “I am getting old,” phrases. She asked the crowd to embrace Tabitha’s unique vantage point where growing older equals tapping into well-lived lives full of wisdom and purpose while providing opportunities for rewarding, life-long careers in compassion. “My wish is that each of you could see what we see every day at Tabitha,” shared Hinrichs.
To take a glimpse into the state’s leading Senior Care provider is both inspiring and eye-opening. Tabitha’s wide range of services and resources provide great support for Nebraskans. Their 1,000+ dedicated employees, span across a 28 county network to make up one team who deeply cares for and about the wellbeing of seniors, their families and the communities in which they both live and serve. Tabitha’s initiatives are wrapped in innovation and solutions are centered around seniors’ varying needs.
Inspired by Tabitha’s impact on the lives of older adults, generous community supporters rallied to raise a record $380,000 to ensure Nebraska seniors receive the exceptional care they need and deserve.
The evening focused on supplementing the more than $1 million deficit Tabitha faces on an annual basis. “The fact is that government reimbursement only covers a fraction of the true cost of care and more Medicaid cuts are looming,” said Hinrichs. “This is more relevant than ever, as last week four more nursing homes in the state closed down. With a total of 15 senior care facilities shutting their doors, so far, this year, it is imperative to collaborate and advocate for senior neighbors.”
“We are grateful for the astounding generosity shown at this year’s Signature Event,” shared Hinrichs.
“We are blessed with a community whose belief in Tabitha strengthens year after year.
“This allows us to continue providing the care seniors need, when, how and where they need it in this challenging and unpredictable time.”