It’s officially October. And that can only mean one thing.

Halloween is in the air.

With Halloween comes all the opportunities for delightful frights, from your favorite scarry movie to your favorite haunted house.

Thanks to Sinister Sidney, the journey to a horrific good time is just down the road.

Sinister Sidney is a horror filled trek through forest and farm located on the old haunted Canon property, circa 1858 in Sidney.

The scares at Sidney began on Halloween in 2015 as the owners of the haunt made a test run on their idea for a terrific local haunt.

It’s been a screaming successs ever since.

The original eighth of a mile hike has now expanded a half a mile.

Reverend Michael of Sinister Sidney said organizers were excited by the start of their attraction and have never been satisfied since.

“We keep getting bigger and better,” Michael said.

Fans definitely agree.

This year, Sinister Sidney was voted by fans as the No.1 most anticipated scare experience for the state of Iowa.

Reverend Michael said that the fan element of the rating is significant. Some ratings less weight when those ratings aren’t the opinion of those who go to the attraction.

When do the scares start?

Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5, were the first chance for local scare enthusiasts.

Reverend Michael said the fun will continue each Friday and Saturday in the month of October provided that the weather is good.

Frights begin each night at dusk, since it’s not exactly much fun to try to scare people in the light of day.

Before heading out, Reverend Michael suggests people check out the Sinister Sidney web site SinisterSidney.come or visit the organization’s Facebook page.

What can you expect from the experience?

Reverend Michael said Sinister Sidney isn’t focused as much on the screaming terror of things jumping out.

Instead, the haunt focuses more on creating terror by playing on phobias, like fear of the dark, and also playing up the natural effects as much as possible. The haunted path is enhanced by the wind and animal sounds.

In addition, there are more than 40 frightful sights to behold.

For some observers, the whole experience might be a little much.

It’s for this reason that Sinister Sidney has a age limit. Children under the age of 12 are not advised to take the walk in Sidney.

All others are welcomed to enjoy the fun. Reverend Michael said the frights at Sidney have drawn rave reviews from near and far as scare-seekers have made the trip to Sidney from all across Nebraska and Iowa.