Every October, women across the country are reminded to get breast cancer screenings with an influx of pink initiatives everywhere. This year, MDsave and local Nebraska hospitals are inviting all women to their nationwide prevention party by offering special October mammogram pricing.

Mammograms are specialized x-rays that can detect signs of breast cancer and are one of the best ways to spot any early signs of cancer even before symptoms show. But at the high average price of $560, mammogram screenings are not accessible to all women in the country, especially uninsured women or those whose mammograms aren’t covered by insurance. That’s why Mississippi Hospitals are partnering with MDsave to offer $149 mammogram screenings all month long in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

MDsave is partnering with multiple hospitals and clinics all over the country to provide more affordable mammograms, including Nebraska hospitals such as CHI Health St. Elizabeth, CHI Health Midlands and more.

Similar to Amazon, MDsave allows the user to shop, buy, and compare with no surprise bills, offering an affordable option for women to celebrate early detection and survival.

MDsave is a leading online healthcare platform that allows users to deal directly with doctors and hospitals with no worry of surprise healthcare bills. As the world’s first and largest online marketplace for healthcare, MDsave helps doctors and hospitals guarantee access to care for patients paying out of pocket. MDsave's service and partnership with providers allow convenience, affordability, and reliable local care.

The party doesn’t end in October either. As long as vouchers are purchased in October, patients will be able to pay the special offered price for one year.

With over 100 participating partners, there are plenty of options to find affordable mammograms near you. So RSVP to the prevention party- wearing pink is a must.