The Nebraska City Veterans Memorial Building Project has announced the Sept. 9, 2019, kickoff of its fundraising campaign.
This campaign coincides with the building's 90th anniversary.
Committee member Brad Moyer issued the following statement:
“Your donation of $9, $90, $900, $9,000 or $90,000 will commemorate the rich history of the Veterans Memorial Building as a landmark in our city.
“You are invited to personalize the donation by giving $9 for each year you have passed by the building or $90 for each event you remember attending in the building. Nebraska City is what it is today because of the involvement and generosity of its citizens.
“We are grateful for each and every donation as all of us work together on this important legacy project.”
The goal for 2019 is to raise $900,000 to install modern heating and cooling equipment, upgrade electrical systems, refinish floors and reestablish a kitchen in the lower level.
In August 2019, new windows were installed thanks to a significant grant from the Wirth Foundation.
With the help of contributions from citizens, Nebraska City will be closer to reopening the building for use by the community.
The Veterans Memorial Building was built thanks to the generosity of many residents during its construction from 1927-29.
On Nov. 11, 1929, the building was dedicated to the Veterans of World WarI and the Spanish American War.
A committee of 100 people raised funds needed to build this memorial. It was the first building in Nebraska to be dedicated to veterans.
“See if your family is represented in the Committee of 100, and please donate to the renovation project just as the citizens of Nebraska City did 90 years ago,” said project consultant Gloria Glover.
Donations may be sent to the Nebraska City Veterans Memorial Building Project, P. O. Box 121, Nebraska City, NE 68410. Donations can be made online at
Current committee members include Brad Moyer, Jim Kuhn, Jackie Smith, Randy Denniston, Janet Palmtag, Vaughn Hammond and Gloria Glover, project consultant.
The late Ted Beilman was the founder of the project.
Additional information is available on the Nebraska City Veterans Memorial Building Project's Facebook page.
The Original Committee of 100 included N.C Abbott, C.C. Adams,  C.M. Aldrich, G.B. Arnold, A.A. and George Bischof, E.H. Borcherdibng, Clark Bruce, Joe Burr, H. R. Cleve, Fred Cleveland, J.S. Clinkenbeard, Robert Cohen, F. M. Crook, M.L. Crandell, and S.P. Cresap.
Also on the committee were C.D. Dammast, Thomas E. Dunbar, E.C. Ernstene, G.E. Farrell, John Fassbender, Dr. G.W. Fegers, Henry Felthouser, F.H. Fields, Chas. F. Foley, J.E. Gaskill, F.B. Hall, Robert Hansen Sr., Henry Heesch, George Heinke, Fred Hellier, Henry Herzog, Ernest Hill, J.W. Hoberg, Henry W. Holtgrewe, Fred Homeyer, and Dan Hill.
Other committee members were I.D. Iseman, Paul Jessen, Fred Johnson, Dr. G.A. Kay, Chas. Kelly, A.O. Kenyon, Mark Kerns, Clyde and Ralph Kuwitzky, Geo. M. Lathrop, D.W. Livingston, Dr. M.M. McVean-Edmonds, W.W. Metz, H.F. Meyer, John C. Miller, A.P. Moran, C.S. Mort, and Chas. N. Moyer.
Also serving on the committee were Einar G. Nielsen, C.L. Paullin, John Pfann, Wm. H. Pitzer, A.H. Pyle, H.O. Rice, James A. Richardson, L.W. Rodenbrook, and Carl Ryder.
Other committee members were W.P. Sargeant, J.M. Scott, C.A. Shannon, John W. Steinhart, A.E. Stocker, the Rev. Rudolph Stoltz, J.W Sweet, Oliver Stevenson, Dr. A.N. and Fred B. Smith, and Dr. G.E. Souders.
Also serving on the committee were the Rev. James Tekath, M.R. Thorp, J.C. Thygeson, M.M. Vaugh, James Welch Sr., Joy Wesner, Milton R. and Walter Wessel, the Rev. Fred G. Wiegman, W.A. Wil-liams, H.D. Wilson, Herman E. Winkelman, and Chas. G. Zimmer.
The many members of Adam Schellinger Post No. 8, American Legion, under the command of Dr. D.D. Stonecypher, Wm. Utterback, and Varro E. Tyler, commander of the National Guard, were also involved in fund-raising efforts, as were the committee to work with the Executive Committee of 100.
Members of this committee, who were named by the post commander, were chair Edwin Moran, Lloyd E. Peterson, Wm. G. Utterback, Morton Steinhart, Ralph Grassmueck, Harry Wolf, Varro E. Tyler, Julian Stevenson, Frank Schwake, and Dr. W. H. Achenbach.