Nebraska City High School Agriculture Instructor and FFA Advisor Sarah Knutson completed a STEM based CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) training in Kearney during Nebraska Career Education Conference.
The CASE Agriculture Business two day training provided curriculum to agricultural education teachers.
Through a scholarship, provided by the Nebraska FFA Foundation and funded by the Nebraska Soybean Board, Knutson is supplementing this STEM based curriculum by using soybeans as a model, focus and method for learning.
This fall, Knutson will be implementing this curriculum in the classroom by utilizing soybeans in various segments of the Agriculture Business CASE curriculum.
Through this curriculum Knutson will be teaching her students about the process, benefits and challenges related to the use of soybeans in agriculture.
The curriculum is designed to teach students not only about agriculture and soybeans, but also budgets, inputs, and sales that students can use in any aspect of their lives.
“Everyone knows that we raise lots of corn in Nebraska, but soybeans are an important part of our agriculture industry and the state’s economics. I am excited to teach this to students.” says Knutson.
For more information about CASE and other Nebraska Agriculture Education teachers who have develop soybean curriculum for their agriculture science programs contact Stacey Agnew, Nebraska FFA Executive Director, at 402-472-5846 or