Arbor Day Farm will open a new attraction this fall that will feature a first-in-North-America product called a WonderNet.
The new Treetop Village attraction fits with the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission of planting, nurturing and celebrating trees, according to Adam Howard, Director of Farm Operations at Arbor Day Farm.
Treetop Village will  offer “3 acres of family friendly nature experience up in the trees,” said Howard. It is the first such village to open in the United States.
Treetop Village will feature 11 elevated treehouses, 6 platforms, more than 800 feet of elevated walkways, a large viewing deck, and a 70-foot suspension bridge, said Howard.
Construction workers are putting the finishing touches on 11 new red cedar treehouses that will be interconnected by suspension bridges and ladders.
The WonderNet will act as a trampoline and, along with the overall attraction, will enclose one big natural playground, said Howard.
This will give children a safe play to play and explore nature while their parents and grandparents  also enjoy nature from one of the treehouses or from a new observation deck that will be constructed in Treetop Village.
The WonderNet will feature a 50-foot-long netted slide, as well as other rigid slides that will come off the platforms to provide access to the ground from Treetop Village.
The WonderNet is woven and constructed on an island off France, and French crew members started stretching and installing it in the Treetop Village late last week.
Installation of the entire attraction was undertaken with tree safety as well as visitor safety in mind, said Howard.
The installation hardware in the trees will not cut into or destroy the cambium, which a tree uses to transport nutrients from its roots to its branches.
Treetop Village was also designed as a one-of-a-kind attraction, unique to Arbor Day Farm’s specifications, elevations and existing trees, said Howard.
Treetop Trekking Inc. in Maryland and Canada worked with Arbor Day Farms in designing the attraction, said Howard.
Treetop Village will be open to all ages and to all accessibilities, said Howard.
“All ages will have a blast on this,” he said. “Not only kids, but adults with an inner child will find it fun, too.”
The exact opening date has yet to be determined, but it will be “sometime in the coming weeks ahead,” said Howard.
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