The end of summer is now quickly approaching as the city of Boone hits the second half of July.

That doesn’t mean that the children of Boone can’t still stay busy over the last few weeks.

A good option for parents to check out the rest of this summer is the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad & Museum.

The James H. Andrew Museum, run by Museum Director Mike Wendel, opened in May 2012 and has a 9,000 square foot facility.

“It isn’t just for older folks, it is for people of all ages and that’s one of the things we tried to really balance out with people and to try and offer visitors here,” said Wendel. “Our motto has been in the past ‘Where Families have Fun’, we don’t want to exclude any groups at all in terms of family members and age so grandma and grandpa will find it just as interesting as the five-year-old’s who come.”

Wendel went on to say there is plenty for the kids to do and enjoy at the museum.

“They have got their own reading table, they can see movies on trains, they can use interactive kiosks, they can play with a train table that’s geared just for young children,” said Wendel. “Then to see things like the locomotive bells and things like that so there are lot of things they can look at while they are here.”

Other interesting things to see include displays that tell the history of American Streamliners or even an example of an early 1900’s train depot that includes an ad for a Jesse James Bounty.

Wendel estimates that approximately 65 percent of the museum’s collection came from James H. Andrew. According to Wendel, Andrew donated his collection after building it for around 30 years.

“It is important because when you look at Iowa history one of the great things that you can learn about with Iowa history and the formation of towns and cities across Iowa is that none of it would have really ever occurred without railroads,” said Wendel.

The museum has a library of over 2,000 books and journals, all of which are on trains, that can be read by kids of all ages.

Admission into the Museum by itself costs eight dollars for adults and just three dollars for children.

The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad also has multiple different train ride excursions that include a train ride over a 156 foot tall Bass Point Creek High Bridge and free admission into the James H. Andrew Museum. Some of the excursions even include lunch or dinner.

The Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad also offers two dollar electric trolley rides from their depot and downtown Boone on most Saturdays.

For more information on what is offered by the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad you can contact Mike Wendel via email at mike@bsvrr.comor visit their website