The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, completed the initial breach closure on levee breach L-601-C, an inlet breach near Bartlett last week.
That closure is the second major closure in recent news, following an initial breach closure near Percival on June 21.
Sandy Graybill of the local levee system said the initial breach work will be followed by the establishment of platform structures which will allow the Corps of Engineers to get heavy equipment onto the site of the breaches.
Once the platform is set and the heavy equipment on site, the Corps will then begin to build the levee up to a 25-year level of protection.
Meanwhile, near Hamburg, the Corps of Engineers finished placing rock to stop the erosion of the breach caused by the heavy flow of water.
That work was done on July 1.
Dredge work will now begin to close the levee and stop the water from the river. Like the breaches near Bartlett and Percival, the Hamburg levee will undergo a platform build and then a build toward a 25-year protection level.
Graybill said initial estimates of repairing the local levee system stretch until March of next year.
While the levee system is being repaired, it will still be vulnerable to significant rains or water events created by significant rain stretching north through the Missouri River system.