The Tree City Garden Club has selected Arlyss and Denny Corrigan as the recipients of the Yard of the Month award for June.
The Corrigans, who live at 1519 N. 10th St., began improving their yard when they moved in about 5 years ago.
The front yard, which was originally covered with lava rock, now is covered by a lawn and has a water feature, daylillies,  and potted cannas.
Rosie Pfeiffer, who selects Yard of the Month for the club, has had her eye on the Corrigan’s property for several years.
She noticed the improvements as Denny removed the lava rock and started working to improve the front yard.
The back yard features a large shade tree, as well as a small plot for vegetables. This year, the Corrigans are growing beefsteak tomatoes, onions, and peppers.
Some Rose of Sharon shrubs in the back yard had a hard time over the winter between the snow and hungry rabbits, said Arlyss Corrigan, but they are slowly coming back.
The wet spring weather has also delayed the Corrigan’s day lillies, said Arlyss, but those are also about ready to bloom soon.
In the shadier parts of the back yard, the Corrigans have planted hostas, which are also about ready to bloom.
Arlyss Corrigan said she put some Irish Spring bar soap out under some plants in the yard to discourage deer from nibbling after a few deer “came through and had a heyday” in the yard.
Denny Corrigan said the couple put up window boxes on the front of their house as a new feature for this year.
His future plans call for more work in the back yard, including improving the look of the storage shed behind the property. It may be painted orange to match the front door of the house, or the couple may go a different route.