There were 64 Otoe County Clover Kid youth who recently participated in the Clover  Kid Camp sponsored by the Nebraska Extension in Otoe County and the Otoe County 4-H Council.
Youth could attend either the morning or afternoon camp, were they participated in learning sessions.
Camp session included
Family Celebrations around the World where the youth learned about and created a replica of the United State Flag;
Beyond the Needle in which the
Clover Kids designed  a “Super Hero” T-shirt;
Just Outside the Door where the youth learned about seeds and fireflies and  created a seed medallion necklace and a replica of a firefly; and
Making Food for Me learned how to set the table and created a table setting poster.
Teaching sessions were Julie Hippen, 4-H Council President; Wyatt Hubbard, Extension  Intern; Paula Ramold, 4-H Council Member; Sarah Purcell, Nebraska Extension Educator; and Erin Steinhoff, 4-H Extension Assistant.
Those assisting included 4-H members and leaders: Barrett Bischoff, Erin Chambers, Cadence Damme, Madi Friesel, Jacob Hippen, John Hippen, Hailey Kirchhoff, Emma Panko, Mason Wieckhorst, and Michael Wieckhorst II.
Clover Kids are a special program with the Nebraska 4-H Youth Development for youth ages 5, 6 and 7 by January 1.  For more information about the Clover Kid program or 4-H, contact the Nebraska Extension in Otoe County Office at 402-269-2301 or visit us on the web at: