Peru State College  leaders have undertaken strategic enrollment planning to ensure the school is on a strong path for the future.
Dr. Jesse Dorman, vice president for enrollment management and student affairs, spoke to the Nebraska City Rotary Club on Wednesday, June 19, about the plans college leaders have made to continue to bring students to the college.
Dorman said Peru State has both short- and long-term strategic plans in place to ensure the college continues to attract students. He walked the audience through the steps the college takes in its strategic planning process, from meeting with stakeholders to formulating an action plan.
One of the biggest short-term changes at Peru State has been the addition of junior varsity sports teams in baseball, softball, and men’s and women’s basketball, said Dorman.
Junior varsity sports provide scholarship opportunities to bring student-athletes to the campus, said Dorman.
If the students decide after a couple of years of competition to focus on their studies, he said their scholarships remain in place to help them achieve their degrees.
A long-term change that is in the works, said Dorman, is the addition of a new major in strategic communications.
Final details of the new course of study are being worked out.  “We are excited about the  number of local students who come to Peru State,” said Dorman, who added that the strategic plan will be reviewed annually to ensure meaningful ways to grow the college are identified.
The Nebraska City Rotary Club meets at noon Wednesday at the Eagles Club, 600 1st Corso. Guests pay $9 for lunch.