The Otoe County Board of Commissioners will appoint the next Otoe County Attorney at its May 28 meeting.
Commissioners heard presentations from three candidates for the county attorney position—Jennifer Panko-Rahe, Angelo Ligouri, and Tim Noerrlinger—during their May 14 meeting.
Panko-Rahe, who has a private practice in Syracuse, told the board she can bring an entire team and their resources with her to the county attorney position.
She said she is accustomed to multi-tasking and to juggling a varied case load.
Panko-Rahe said she would like to see the county attorney’s office go paperless.
She indicated to the board that she relies on her iPad for court documents and case files.
Ligouri, who is the current Auburn City Attorney and the current Deputy Nemaha County Attorney, talked about his first judicial victory in the Otoe County County Courtroom when he successfully challenged a speeding ticket 20 years ago.
He added that he never thought he would be back in the courtroom years later applying to be county attorney.
Ligouri said he sees the Otoe County Attorney position as an opportunity to give back to the community.
“Prosecution is the best public service commitment you can make,” he said, adding that he planned to relocate to Nebraska City if hired as the county attorney.
Noerrlinger, who has served as the Otoe County Deputy Attorney before joining a Lincoln law firm, said he enjoyed working as the deputy Otoe County attorney.
He said he felt his experience as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney would be helpful if he were chosen as county attorney.
Noerrlinger said his daughter helped him decide to apply for the county attorney job.
“She said ‘you’re tough, but fair. You’d be good at it, and you’d keep us safe,’” Noerrlinger told the board.
In other matters, the board approved a bid of $32,081 each from Larson Motors for two replacement patrol vehicles for the Otoe County Sheriff’s Office.
The new vehicles will be Dodge Durangos with Pursuit Police Packages, and they will replace a 2011 Dodge Ram and a 2008 Ford Expedition.
Trade-in value of the two vehicles is $5,000 total.
During the meeting, Otoe County Highway Superintendent Jon Brinkman reported that the Goosehill Road bridge replacement project is on schedule despite a difficult winter that presented challenges in replacing the south bridge.
Brinkman said the north bridge replacement should go quicker, and the project is on schedule to be completed by AppleJack in September.
The next regular Otoe County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 28, at the Otoe County Courthouse.