Nebraska City Utilities customers now have another way to pay their bill each month.
Online bill pay has been available for NCU customers since December 2018, according to NCU Office Manager Mona Kuhlenengel, who spoke to the Nebraska City Rotary Club on Wednesday, April 24.
Kuhlenengel and Mary Lynn Hall, superintendent of the NCU service department, discussed the utility’s payment options and rebates during their presentation.
In addition to the online bill pay option, which customers can access at, customers can pay by phone or by electronic fund transfer.
Call 844-470-8876 to make a payment by phone. Call 402-873-3353 to set up electronic fund transfer payments.
NCU is currently offering four rebate programs, according to Hall. They are:
A refrigerator/freezer recycling program, which provides a $35 bill credit to a customer’s bill if he or she replaces an old, working refrigerator or freezer with an efficient new unit;
A natural gas appliance rebate, which offers a $150 bill credit if a customer replaces an electric hot water heater with a natural gas unit, a $50 bill credit if a customer replaces an electric range/oven with a natural gas unit; or a $100 bill credit if a customer replaces an electric dryer with a natural gas unit;
An air conditioner rebate, which provides a $10 bill credit for any window air conditioner; and
A tree rebate, which can provide up to a $100 bill credit for planting “the right tree in the right place” to help with energy savings.
Available trees include the Chinese dogwood, the Eastern redbud and the Northern oak, said Kuhlenengel.
Hall also talked about the street light replacement program that the utilities has undertaken. This program will replace  high-pressure sodium lights with LED lights
Hall said streetlights have been replaced along Central Avenue and Steinhart Park Road. Work continues to replace the lights on 11th Street and 4th Corso, as well as in residential neighborhoods.
So far, 240 lights have been changed out, according to Hall.
The Nebraska City Rotary meets at noon Wednesday at the Eagles Club, 600 1st Corso. Guests pay $9 for lunch.