The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has offered nearly 7,200 universitywide scholarships to the 2019 graduating class from Nebraska high schools.
The total potential value of the scholarships is more than $59.5 million. The total includes more than 4,000 Husker scholarship offers.
Many scholarship programs also contain retention programming designed to help students transition to college as they develop a path toward timely graduation.
Descriptions of the scholarships are below:
Chancellor’s and Regents scholarships are among the most prestigious awards granted by the university. Each of these awards pays full tuition for full-time students with the potential for renewal at a value of nearly $30,000 over four years. Chancellor’s Scholars receive an additional $2,000 per year.
David Distinguished Scholars are recognized for their academic merit and receive $3,500 with the potential for renewal for up to four years. David Distinguished Scholarships are funded in part from a trust established in 1973 by the late Adrian H. David, a Minneapolis attorney, in honor of his parents. Adrian David was a 1908 graduate of the Nebraska College of Law.
Nebraska Achievement Scholarships are based on academic achievement, admission test scores and information in the student’s personal statement. There were 149 of these scholarships awarded for full tuition and 305 awarded for $1,000, each with the potential for renewal.
Chancellor's Leadership Scholars are awarded one-year scholarships of $1,000. The award recognizes and rewards students who have excelled both academically and in leadership roles in school and community activities.
Students admitted to the University Honors Program, a university-wide community of scholars, receive book scholarships that provide up to $500 per year. The Honors Program gives students who strive for academic excellence an opportunity to explore new knowledge through research, participate actively in a process of discovery, and appreciate and respect a diversity of opinions.
Health Sciences Scholars receive various amounts and are awarded to academically promising students interested in health-science careers.
R.H. “Rick” Davis Scholars receive a commitment of at least $2,000 per year. This scholarship seeks to identify and attract talented students who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in diverse communities or backgrounds and are prepared to use this knowledge to contribute to the education of their fellow students.
Johnny Carson Scholars, named for the Nebraska alumnus and television host best known for "The Tonight Show," receive $3,500 with the potential for renewal. This fund was established in 1978 through a gift to be used for academic honor scholarships to encourage students of high academic abilities to attend the university.
Nebraska Emerging Leader Scholars include students identified as emerging leaders through academic profile, attendance at one of the university’s diversity programs, and demonstrated interest, knowledge and experience with leadership and diversity. These scholars receive $2,000 with potential for renewal and will also participate in a leadership curriculum.
Nebraska Legends Scholars are high-achieving students who receive a one-year, $1,000 award.
Pepsi Scholars are those who have a passion for leadership and service and who have demonstrated involvement in activities during high school and also receive a one-year, $1,000 scholarship.
The Husker Access Scholarship is a one-year, $1,500 scholarship used to recruit promising students.
Husker Living and Learning Scholarships of $2,500 are awarded to students who will live in university housing and demonstrate an interest in rigorous academic scholarship and zeal for leadership, service and/or diversity.
The Husker Traditions Scholarship is a $2,000 renewable scholarship awarded to Nebraska residents who have demonstrated high academic potential.
The Husker Power Scholarship is a one-year, $1,500 scholarship awarded to Nebraska residents who have demonstrated high academic promise.
The Native American Heritage Scholarship seeks to identify and attract talented students who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in the Native American community or backgrounds and are prepared to use such knowledge to contribute to the education of their fellow students.
Students receive a renewable scholarship worth a minimum of $2,000 a year, up to the full direct cost of attendance.
In addition to the programs listed, colleges and departments at the university offer various scholarships to first-year students.
Students or families who have questions about financial aid, scholarships, grants or any other aspect of paying for college can contact the university’s first-year student services specialists in Husker Hub at or 402-472-2030 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Husker Hub is a new one-stop center that offers integrated services from the offices of Scholarships and Financial Aid, University Registrar, Bursar and Student Accounts.
Area schools with scholarship students are:

Cole Cooper, Husker Power;
Thomas Eggert, Husker Power;
Hayden Ernst, Regents and University Honors;
Morgan Jennings, Husker Power;
Caleb Jones, Regents and University Honors;
Sydney Kunz, Chancellor’s Leadership, Husker Traditions and Nebraska Achievement;
Andrew Meyer, Husker Power;
Nicole Meyer, Husker Power;
Morgan Mills, Husker Power; and
Kate Zakaras, Chancellor’s Leadership and Husker Power.

Johnson County Central
Joshua Bailey, Husker Traditions;
Connor Bartels, Hus-ker Power;
Andrew Beethe, Hus-ker Power;
Hailey Clark, Husker Power;
Devon Gilmore, Husker Power and Nebraska Achievement;
Cassidy Parks, Husker Access, Husker Power and Nebraska Achievement;
Diego Reyes, Husker Power; and
Simon Rother, David.

Kallyn Antholz, Husker Power;
Emilee Erickson, Hus-ker Power;
Cole Fossenbarger, Husker Power;
Austin Guhde-Egger, Husker Power;
Hunter Oestmann, Regents and University Honors;
Miranda Shreves, Health Sciences, Husker Living and Learning, Husker Traditions and  University Honors;
Isaiah Spruth-Janssen, Regents and University Honors; and
Shane Westhart, Hus-ker Power.

Lourdes Central Catholic
Logan Bakula, Husker Power; and
Colter Fulton, David.

Nebraska City
Brooke Brown, Husker Power;
Cade Gerdes, Husker Power;
Trevor Kohrs, Husker Traditions and Pepsi;
Jared Robles Gonzalez, Husker Power;
Jack Vlahos, Husker Power and Nebraska Emerging Leader;
Jesse Vlahos, Husker Power;
Keith Whitehead, Husker Power; and
Nicholas Zaroban, Husker Traditions.

Anya Bogen, Regents and University Honors;
Koby Dillon, Husker Power;
Samuel Fitzpatrick, David, and Husker Living and Learning;
Abbie Frazee, Husker Power;
Samuel Kirchner, Husker Power;
Grace Leuschen, David, and Husker Living and Learning;
Kyra Palm, Husker Power;
Macy Reynoldson, Husker Power;
Isabelle Thomas, Husker Power;
Riordan Versaw, Husker Living and Learning, Husker Traditions and University Honors;
Sarah Vorderstrasse, Husker Power; and
Marissa Waltke, Husker Traditions.

Justin Gress, Husker Power;
Tyler Knake, Regents;
Brynn Krieger, Husker Power;
Dominick Lange, Husker Living and Learning, and Regents;
Madison Mueller, Husker Power;
Alayna Nannen, Husker Power;
Megan Reuter, Husker Power; and
Tessa Varney, Husker Traditions.