Girders are set to be delivered next week for the North 11th Street bridge replacement project.
According to Nebraska City Construction and Facilities Manager Marty Stovall,  five 126-foot-long girders will be delivered April 30 or May 1.
“The plan for the delivery will be to enter Nebraska City via Business 75, pull truck into Centennial Road and back the girders from Centennial Road to the bridge,” said Stovall.
He added the the delivery will have an impact on traffic along  Business 75, Centennial Road, 16th Street and G Road April 30 and May 1.
“Citizens will be able to cross Business 75 at 19th Street with some expected delays,” said Stovall.
“There will be temporary road closures at different times of the day with flagmen assisting in the traffic control,” said Stovall. “We urge citizens to utilize alternate routes.”
Flood waters on Highway 75 delayed delivery of the girders, said Stovall.
Roadway work from 1st Avenue out to the town limits on North 11th Street will begin around May 1, said Stovall.
The work will include a mill and overlay, storm sewer, inlets, guardrail replacement, concrete patching and curb ramps.
Stovall said the work will include some temporary road closures that will be coordinated as the work progresses.