The Board of The Colonial Theatre, Hamburg, would like to thank all the generosity extended during our recovery from the Flood of 2019.  We would like to provide our patrons and concerned individuals an update on the restoration of our beloved and historic building.
The flood waters completely inundated the building on March 18. All of the theater’s seats were either completely or partially submerged.  The flood waters did not breech the top of the stage or the projector screen.  
The recently remodeled concession area and bathrooms, as well as the lobby and storage rooms also received damage from approximately two feet of standing water.  The projector room is located on the second floor, and the digital projector and equipment appear to be in working order at this time and not affected by the flood.
 The City of Hamburg owns the building and has done and continues to do necessary and extraordinary steps to restore the building to operating condition.  The flood waters were allowed to recede naturally for a period of time as not to compromise the structure of the building.  Once the flood waters completely receded from the lower portion of the theater, the City began slowly pumping the remaining water from the storage spaces beneath the stage.
Under the direction of Hamburg City officials, on Saturday,  April 6, a team of nearly 200 volunteers, from GoServ and other organizations aided in the clean-up efforts of the theater.  The volunteers made quick work of removing the seats, damaged flooring and walls.  Board members of the Colonial oversaw efforts to salvage any equipment and mementos as well as aid in the clean-up.  The board is now left with a clean slate in which to restore the building.
The board hopes to salvage the original fabric panels of The Colonial that adorn the theater walls.  Paneling beneath the fabric panels will need to be replaced.  The Board is currently researching costs associated with replacing nearly 200 seats with either new or used theater seating.  
A contractor to finish out the damaged paneling and walls has not been secured.  Carpeting and floor lighting throughout the theater and lobby will need replaced.  It has not been determined if any of the original woodwork can be salvaged; most was severely damaged.  
The board is looking to work with the original contractor, True Construction, which did the recent renovations to the concession area and bathrooms to do the necessary work in those areas.  Currently, Arbor Country Cleaning and Restoration is working to dry out the theater and prevent mold.
The next steps will be to have the building inspected and create a punch list of items that need to be addressed before any remodeling can be done.  
Although electricity has been restored to the building, wiring in the lower portion of the theater, parts of the concession area, bathrooms and lobby has been damaged and will need to be replaced.  An estimate of these damages has not been obtained, but the Board estimates the electrical work will be the most expensive ticket item.
In an effort to raise funds to get the theater back open, the Board’s main priority, a recent fundraiser was established via Facebook.  
Unfortunately, not all donations were able to be deposited to the theater’s bank account due to Facebook regulations.  
It has been reported to the Board that those donations will be returned to the donors.  Presently, the Board and management cannot discern which donors will receive returned funds.  
The board members of The Colonial Theatre wish to express our deepest apology and regret to all donors affected by the return of Facebook donated funds.  Board member and Treasurer, Heidi White, is currently working to resolve the fundraiser with Facebook and establish a new link to donate online with Facebook.  In the meantime, the board asks that individuals wishing to donate funds to the restoration of the theater please mail checks made payable to Hamburg Economic Development Corp and write Colonial Theatre in the memo, Attention: Heidi White, 1120 Main Street, Hamburg, IA 51640, or hand deliver checks to any board member.    
The board is establishing an initial fundraising amount goal of $100,000 to repair and replace damages due to flooding.  While the City of Hamburg and The Colonial Theatre board hesitate to set a date to reopen, it is all of our hopes we are operating by September of this year.  
We ask all to be patient and trust Hamburg City officials and Colonial Board members to be diligent in all matters related to restoring
The Colonial to its proper glory and pillar of our community.  
The Colonial Theatre Board,
Richard Mundinger, President
Jodi Hendrickson, Secretary
Heidi White, Treasurer
Jessica  Barrett
Merlin Neilson
Gail Kuhns
Erica Stephens