The 4-H Mustangs met on April 4, 2019 at Brickhouse.  In the meeting, the club officers were announced as: President- Lilly Kastens, Vice President- Madison Jording, Secretary- Gracie Lintz, News Reporter- Teagan Jording, Community Service Team- Shaun and Shayla Thompson, and the Stall Decoration Committee- Sharley Thompson, Jahia Arthur, and Loreli Walters.  

In the meeting, many important aspects were discussed.  Some of those included:
Registration deadline for 4-H- May 1
Horse ID forms deadline- May 10
Level Testing available at the extension office
Community Service-  Trash pick-up was confirmed for April 13
Speech Contest- April 28 for those that are interested
Fair Dates- July 25 thru July 28

We closed the meeting with motivational speeches from Shaun, Shayla, Gracie, and Lilly over the prompt, “What 4-H means to me!”  They provided inspirational information for the younger members and helped set the stage for the new year on a positive note!  Our next meeting will be on May 2nd!

-Teagan Jording