The name and location are changing, but many other things are staying the same with the upcoming relocation of Town and Country Pharmacy to its brand new building in the Syracuse Business Center as USave Pharmacy.  The new franchise is projected to open within a year in a new building south of the new Main Street Bank building.  The pharmacy’s ownership will not change.
Town and Country Pharmacy has been owned by Lee Rohrs since August 1, 1977 and has operated at its current downtown location since then.  
Prior to that, it was Hill’s Pharmacy, owned by Merlin Hill at a different downtown location.  Ronda Stinson began working at Town and Country in 2003, and since Jill (Conradi) Stanberry began working there in 2003, Rohrs has stepped back from running the day to day pharmacy operations.
Recently, Ronda and Jason Stinson became co-owners in the pharmacy, and they’re excited about the partnership and what they can offer their customers.  Ronda Stinson said that the new location will provide easier access to customers after visiting the new hospital or clinic north of town.  They will also offer a drive through service that will make it much more convenient for customers so they don’t have to get out of the vehicle.
She said they are happy with the decision to partner with USave.  “It’s well known around the midwest.  They have a good reputation.  They operate on the same ideals we currently hold.  It was a pretty easy choice to go with them,” said Stinson.  “It’s still locally owned by us, but we’ll have name recognition and better drug costs.”