Iowa Gardening for Good, outside of Madrid, was recently awarded a $2,500 Project Orange Thumb Garden grant for gardening equipment from Fiskars. Iowa Gardening for Good was one of 30 groups selected across the country to receive this award.

“This equipment will be very helpful as we continue to grow this program,” said Tracy Blackmer, director of Iowa Gardening for Good. “We have many volunteers than want help, as well as learn more about local vegetable production, and this equipment makes it possible for anyone to come and help without bringing any equipment.”

Last year, Iowa Gardening for Good had over 1,200 volunteers help plant and harvest over 180,000 pounds of produce, which was donated to food pantries. So far, over 500 people have signed up to help for the 2019 season and we are looking for more. This coming year, the goal is to produce over 250,000 pounds for donation to food pantries.