Girl Scout troops, sidelined by snow and cold temperatures, will be able to connect with cookie-loving customers for an extra week.
To make up for weather that shut down cookie booths and thwarted door-to-door sales, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is extending the cookie program through March 17.
“Record-breaking snow and cold have made it difficult for girls to reach their Girl Scout Cookie Program goals and for eager customers to visit booths to purchase their favorite cookies,” said Denise Moore, Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Chief Product Program Officer. “Safety of girls is always our top priority and extending the program gives girls the opportunity to pursue their goals in friendlier weather.”
By purchasing Girl Scout Cookies, consumers support the female change-makers of today and tomorrow by equipping them with needed skills and attributes, such as persistence, confidence and healthy risk-taking, to become business founders and future leaders.
Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, enterprising girls hone their cookie-selling skills by participating in booth and door-to-door sales as well as through Digital Cookie, an innovative and educational web-based platform that helps girls run their cookie businesses online.
New this year, online customers can purchase a Cookie Gift Box. The gift box can include up to five packages of cookies with custom messaging for a special treat shipped directly to the recipient.
Girl Scout Cookies can only be purchased from a registered Girl Scout. To find Girl Scouts selling cookies near you, visit or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, free on iOS and Android devices.