The Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca High School cheer squad received runner up honors in a field of 14 schools in the category of sideline at the Class C1 State Competition at North Platte on Feb. 16.  Additionally, the S-D-A team earned 3rd place out of 11 schools in the non-tumbling category.  
The 11-girl squad practiced at least three times a week during the school year. It’s made up of girls who also participate in softball, golf, track, cross country, band, choir, Platform 11 and various other school clubs and organizations.  
They work hard to fundraise in order to pay for their uniforms and music rights for pep rallies and competitions. Cheer Sponsor Kelly Gobber said, “It’s great for them to showcase what they do and also let people know we’re glad for Syracuse’s support as well.”
The girls have worked hard this year, and they had some challenges. It’s a young squad, and, of the 11, there were only two cheerleaders who have been participating more than two years.  Though they were nervous going into the competition, they were extremely satisfied with the results.
Gobber said, “With having such a young squad, they were really nervous and they weren’t sure. We went out there and thought we’ll have as much fun as we can.  That’s all we wanted this year was to have fun.”
When it comes to the performance, Gobber said, “They can read it on your face.  They know you’re having fun!  Getting out there and having fun will help you place higher.  
“This was one of the best years we’ve had. The girls all got along really well and they just went out there and gave it their all. It was really fun to watch them this year.”