Members of the Hamburg Hometown Pride stood with students at the Marnie Simons school last Friday to celebrate the donation of new equipment and to voice their support for the current programming as well as possible 9-12 high school programming that is currently being considered at the state level.
Hometown Pride donated $1,000-plus worth of goods to the school’s maker space program. Included in the donated items were 12 drills, most of which were purchased and a few of which were directly donated by the Hometown Pride and its members, drill bits, a dozen aprons, hammers and shelves for the kiln area.
Although the items didn’t appear to HP members to make up a large donation, the members also said they felt the school definitely appreciated the contribution.
Hometown Pride members said the relationship and the communication between their organization and the school was one that’s very solid. When a need arises, Hamburg HP hears about it and, whenever possible, they fill that need.
Donations by the Hamburg Hometown Pride are made possible by donations and by fundraising.
A fundraising event coming up on the calendar is a spaghetti supper. To keep up to date on that spaghetti supper and other fundraising events, follow the Hamburg Hometown Pride group on Facebook.
It is important to remember that, although the HP group applies for grants, funds for donations by the group are not always taken from grant money. In order for grant money to apply, a grant must be written specifically for a project and a procedure must be followed in the use of funds to ensure they only go for the project indicated in the writing.
Donations like the one made to the school must come from fundraising and donations and Hometown Pride members said they are blessed to have a lot of dedicated citizens who attend fundraisers or give money, time and talent to the organization. The next Hamburg Hometown Pride meeting is set for March 21. Meetings take place on the third Thursday of each month at city hall and can be tracked on the group’s Facebook page.
All are welcome to come to the meeting, to join Hometown Pride and to offer suggestions for projects that the group might under take.
Part of Friday’s visit to the school was a chance to visit with the kids about Hometown Pride and its mission to present the community in the best light possible. The hope is that, someday, kids from the Hamburg school will join the Hamburg Hometown Pride and carry that mission forward.
Maybe some of those new HP members will be Hamburg High School grads.
After the conclusion of its visit with the kids, the members of the Hometown Pride were treated to an update by Superintendent Dr. Mike Wells.
Dr. Wells told the group that the Hamburg Community School District hopes to know by late March if Hamburg has the green light to bring back high school programming.

Dr. Wells said he has been working with the state to communicate Hamburg’s ability to meet all requirements for certification and, due to that, the state would be able to approve the high school programming for 2019-2020.
Members of the Hometown Pride offered to write emails of support to the members of the State Board of Education to let them know that the community supports the idea of a high school in Hamburg.
HP members said the possibility of extending maker space and farm school programs to high school students and to offer associates degrees to their high school grads should make the Hamburg school a very worthwhile idea to the members of the state board.
HP members said that kids who graduated from Hamburg, college bound or not, would have more options because of the associates degree they receive.
Earnings from a job gained from an associates degree could help a college bound student fund their studies. The trade students learn could also act as a back up plan if the college career path didn’t work out.
And, for many students, the associates degree would get them started on a long career in the trades which could be as lucrative or more lucrative than a job gained from a college education.