After a successful first year, the Keep Nebraska City Beautiful organization is not resting on its laurels.
KNCB President Patty Coates and Executive Director Sally DuBois shared some of the organization’s first-year successes, as well as its future plans, with the News-Press.

What are KNCB's greatest accomplishments in its first year? 
Patty Coates: I think some of KNCB's greatest accomplishments were to establish a litter index to be used to measure progress, and evaluate heavily littered areas for cause.
Other accomplishments have included hosting    cleanup events, giving presentations on litter and recycling to schools, clubs and organizations, and getting people to start talking and thinking about litter and recycling.
What challenges did you have to overcome?
Patty Coates: People continue to litter, dump illegally, and throw recyclables in the trash, that ends up in the landfill.  One of our biggest challenges will be to change that culture.
Sally DuBois: I think educating our community is the biggest challenge we face. Just making them realize the consequences of just dropping their litter. The great effects recycling can have on our community

What are your plans for Year 2?
Patty Coates: We will continue to raise awareness in our community.  We will continue to hold cleanup events, and promote recycling and beautification. 
KNCB would like to establish the "Adopt-A-Highway campaign so that groups can get involved in taking ownership of an area of road, and commit to keeping the litter picked up. 
We would also like to develop membership tiers and partner with organizations, companies, and individuals to help promote our causes.
KNCB has a very qualified Executive Director that stays on top of things and who is always looking for ways we can improve.

What are your longer-term goals for the organization?
Patty Coates: KNCB would like to re-establish a community recycling drop box. We are looking at making available to our community resources that will enable them to recycle many items, including paint, solvents, tires, batteries, electronics, scrap metal, glass, etc.
Sally DuBois: We really want to work with local  recycling and sanitation personnel to get a community recycling drop box. This will be a great asset for Nebraska City citizens.

Do you have any events coming up? What are they?
Patty Coates: KNCB will hold a cleanup event during the Great America Cleanup and right before our Arbor Day Celebration.  This will be held on April 23. 
KNCB is seeking volunteers to pick up litter on that day, and during that week before Arbor Day. 
Other future plans include our AppleJack Cleanup, Plogging/Plalking event, CleanYourBlock event, a couple of local fundraisers, and some recycling activities.

How can people get involved?
Patty Coates: People can volunteer to help Keep Nebraska Beautiful by commenting on our FB page, or by calling our office at 402-873-9043. 
This year, we hope to have a website up and running, and our membership tiers established. 
We'd love to have the community support our membership.
Sally DuBois: You can also reach me at
Does KNCB hold regular meetings? If so, when and where?
Patty Coates: Yes, KNCB holds board meetings on the odd months, on the second Tuesday at 7 p.m., at our KNCB office on 1902 4th Corso.

KNCB officers for the coming year are Patty Coates, president; Christi Smallfoot, vice president; Sue Little, secretary; and Laurie Langdon, treasurer.
Board members, in addition to the officers, are Katie Meredith, Sara McNeilly Ammon, and Jim Fitzsimmons.