Three more Nebraska City bridges will be repaired this year, thanks to a task order approved at the Feb. 4 Nebraska City City Council meeting.
Council members approved Mayor Bryan Bequette signing the task order, which authorizes  repairs to the 10th Street bridge over North Table Creek, the 1st Street bridge over South Table Creek, and the 16th Street bridge over North Table Creek.
Nebraska City Construction and Facilities Manager Marty Stovall told the council the work will begin “after we get a couple of other bridges open.”
Stovall said the three bridges, which are on the city’s 1- and 6-year street plan, were next on the city’s repair list after the 4th Corso Viaduct and the North 11th Street bridge, both of which are currently being replaced.
The task order authorizes the spending of up to $63,990.20 for JEO to begin verifying the bridge work before construction actually begins.
Plans call for the following repairs to be made:

10th Street bridge
Steel pile repair;
Paint bearings;
Expansion joint repairs;
Repair northwest corner approach slab; and
Repair pedestrian handrail.

1st Street bridge
Concrete deck and crack repairs;
Expansion joint repairs; and
Approach slab repairs.

16th Street bridge
Concrete deck and crack repairs;
Expansion joint repair; and
Paint bearings/beam ends.

Estimated construction cost will be $351,000 for all three bridges. The repair costs were included in the city’s current budget.
Stovall said the funding will come from Highway Street Allocation Funds and the federal Highway Bridge Program.