More than 200 third graders visited Peru State College’s annual Brain Quest.
The attending students came from Chandler View Elementary School in Bellevue and Hayward Elementary in Nebraska City to participate in hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities.
Seventeen methods block teacher candidates planned and prepared the unique events.
The teacher candidates worked under the leadership of Dr. Darolyn Seay, assistant professor of education, and Dr. Gina Bittner, associate professor of education.
“Brain Quest was such a valuable experience for myself and all my fellow classmates,” said teacher candidate Remington Beckner.
“It reminded us of all the ups and downs a classroom can have and to always smile and be prepared for whatever is thrown your way,” he added.
Seay described Brain Quest and the impact it has on both third grade students and Peru State’s teacher candidates.
“It is such a pleasure working with our teacher candidates, allowing them to have such an enjoyable and meaningful experience working with our partners,” said Seay.
“This event focuses on providing third grade students with the opportunity to explore STEM related hands-on activities,” said Seay.
“The day has proven to be a high-impact event supporting community engagement, and lots of fun for all!” ​