Five Otoe County sites have been selected for the 2019 County Bridge Match Program by the state of Nebraska.

The bridge projects are

C006601410 (a bridge south and 2.2 miles west of Palmyra that will be replaced by precast deck panels);

C006602405 (a bridge 2 miles north and 3.5 miles west of Douglas that will be replaced by culvert pipes);

C006610270 (a bridge 1 mile south of Union at Wolf Creek that will be removed);

C006610715 (a bridge 0.5 miles west and 2.6 miles north of Douglas that will be replaced with culvert pipes); and

C006653860 (a bridge 3 miles east of Julian that will be removed.

In all, 21 proposals were selected for funding in the third round of the County Bridge Match Program (CBMP).

The program wascreated as a result of the 2016 Transportation Innovation Act (TIA), signed into law by Governor Pete Ricketts in April 2016.

The CBMP will fund 55 percent of eligible bridge construction cost with counties providing a 45 per

The selected proposals include 29 counties and 66 bridgesat a total construction cost of $10.1 million of which $4.12 millionis from the CBMP.

The NDOT investment is higher than anticipated due to projects in the first round coming in under budget.Savings has been applied to the third round of awards.