The Otoe County Board of Commissioners approved the use of $10,000 in county keno funds to help renovate the Syracuse Aquatic Center bath house.
Commissioners voted 4-1 in favor of allocating the funds, provided that the committee that is raising funds for the bath house project was able to secure a similar commitment from the Syracuse City Council at its Jan. 9 meeting.
Pool manager Jamy Prokopec told the board the foundation of the bath house is falling apart and that the fund-raising committee has set a goal of securing a $550,000 grant with a 50 percent match.
So far, the committee has a $150,000 commitment from the city of Syracuse for design and planning, as well as $38,000 in pledges that will go toward construction of a new bath house, said Carolyn Gigstad, who also serves on the fund-raising committee.
In other matters, the board
elected Third District Commissioner Jerad Sornson as chair for the coming year. Fourth District Commissioner James Parsons was elected vice chairman of the board;
approved a motion to support the expansion of the Southeast Nebraska Adult Drug Court to include Otoe County; and
approved a request from Otoe County Extension Educator Sarah Purcell to update the 4-H Support Staff position title and job description to 4-H Extension Assistant.
The Otoe County Board of Commissioners will hold its next meeting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22, at the Otoe County Courthouse.