Architecture, landscape architecture and interior design students from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, presented their design concepts for the Nebraska City riverfront Tuesday night.
Students laid out a new look for the riverfront, from the well fields in the north to the 4th Corso commercial corridor in the south.
Concepts included an early childhood education center and housing development near the current Riverview Marina, the construction of overnight cabins on marina property, the relocation of certain industrial properties farther south onto land held by the Omaha Public Power District, moving the marina itself to the end of Central Avenue, the development of an extreme sports park, and the redevelopment of the 4th Corso corridor to include amenities for residents such as grocery stores and gas stations.
Students developed their concepts in response to where citizens who attended a meeting on the project in October thought development should occur.
Residents were asked to place stick-on dots on a map of the project area.
The dot clusters divided into two mains areas: one in the north near Riverview Marina, and one in the south near the end of Central Avenue and the Steinhart Terminal.
Students created projects for the Refuge (the northern area) that centered on nature and included birdwatching locations, fishing piers, and walking trails.
Development in the southern area, which the students referred to as The Port, focused on other ventures such as restaurants, event spaces, coffee shops, a brew pub, and art installations.
Landscape architecture Professor Kim Wilson, who worked with the students in their studio class at UNL, said that the redevelopment project has the opportunity to put Nebraska City on the map as a riverfront destination.
Some pieces of the students’ concepts are doable now, according to Dan Mauk, executive director of the Nebraska City Area Economic Development Corp.
“Once this community gets behind something, they go for it,” he said.
The next meetings regarding the Riverfront project will take place sometime in January.