Six student actors from Nebraska City High School earned outstanding performance awards at one-act district competition at Midland University on Nov. 28.
Receiving awards for their work in “Two Fronts” were Sam Biaggi, Ellie Higgins, Lilly Frields, Karen Tovar, Zach Ottemann, and Ashley Giles.
The play is dedicated to service members and their families, and it offers a glimpse into World War II America, both on the home front and on the front lines.
On the home front, Ashley Giles, Angelica Styles, Karen Tovar, Ellie Higgins, Lilly Frields, Sarah Murray, Rebekah Eloge and Natalie Turner portrayed women in a bomber factory.
They enacted lifelike scenes, including working in the factory, missing their loved ones in the service, and experiencing the devastation of losing a loved one and receiving the news via telegram.
Other actors involved in these scenes were Zack Ottemann, Katia Tovar, and Nick Hower.
On the front lines, Jesse Rodriguez, Erik Rodriguez, Jesus Flores, Sam Biaggi, Eli McNeely, Christian Tietz, and Nick Brown showed what life was like in a bunker, from fights over card games to anxiety over wanting to do one’s duty to the joy of news of newborn twins.
Technical crew for “Two Fronts”  were Fernando Dominguez, Keith Whitheead, Izzie Denniston, and Caleb Poggemeier
Crew members were  Christoph Gleich and Brexton Roberts, and  stage manager was Katherine Luther.
Shari Whitehead and Corey Kenter directed the play, which was written by Nebraska native  Christy Fredrickson