The cast and crew of the Lourdes Central Catholic one-act play have qualified for the 2018 Nebraska School Activities Association State Play Production Championship.
The students will perform “The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood” at the Johnny Carson Theatre in Norfolk at 2 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6.
The cast and crew qualified for state competition during a district event that Lourdes hosted on Nov. 27.
Students receiving outstanding actor/actress awards at the district level were Luke Partsch, Kameron Monahan, Logan Bakula, Catherine Shawhan, Paul Shawhan, Piper Monson, Beau Lee, Renee Box, Alivia Stuhr, Jazmin Rodriguez, Emma Misner, Paige Stones, Aubrey Bando, Samantha Fredrichs, Elizabeth Schnitzer, Kaitlyn Howard, Caleb Howard.
Show details are as follows:
“The Very Unmerry Adventures of Robin Hood,” written by Patrick Greene and Jason Pizzarello
Director: Lesley Gould
Assistant Director(s): Lisa Whitten, Kim Esser—Stage Managers
Soldier No. 1: Cara Goodman
Soldier No. 2: Aubrey Bando
Robin Hood: Luke Partsch
Little John: Kameron Monahan
Merry Man No. 1: Logan Bakula
Merry Man No. 2: Alivia Stuhr
Poor Woman No. 1: Jazmin Rodriquez
Poor Woman No. 2: Emma Misner
Peasant, a sign poster: Zachary Whitten
Helga, the Inn Keeper: Catherine Shawhan
Will Scarlett: Paul Shawhan
Maid Marion: Piper Monson
Marion's Maid No. 1: Chloe DuBois
Marion's Maid No. 2: Karinne Olson
Bill Shakespeare: Beau Lee
Sheriff of Nottingham: Renee Box
King Richard: William Eppert
Judge Judith: Ashley Baragary
Announcer: Zachary Whitten
Sheriff's Contestant: Paige Stones
Sheriff's Creepy Friend: Zachary Whitten
Robin's Merry Man No. 3: Althea Gay
Robin's Merry Man No. 4: Hayden Beccard
Robin's Merry Man No. 5: Reed Greger
Soldier No. 7: Mackenzie Ludwig
Soldier No. 300: Katie Dia
Helga's Inn Dancer: Paige Stones
Helga's Inn Dancer: Aubrey Bando
Helga's Inn Dancer: Samantha Fredrichs
Helga's Inn Dancer: Elizabeth Schnitzer
Poor Mob: Kaitlyn Howard
Poor Mob: Caleb Howard
Technical Crew: Macey Allgood, Reagan Bas-singer, Elizabeth Bau-mert, Thomas Carpenter, Addison DeFreece, Ainsley Esser, Isabella Fedoris, Colter Fulton, Anna Gigstad, Damon Honeysuckle, Colby Howard, James Kearney, Tanner Kochanowicz, Jacey Kreifels, Cade Lee, Owen McAlexander, Ivye Meyer, Ethan Roberts, Matthew Roettger, Tyler Tellez, Gabrielle Wichman, Heaven Winscot