Headed out to Black Friday? Thinking about Cyber Monday?
Don’t forget about Giving Tuesday!
Shoppers are very aware of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at their favorite retailers. Those events are also the perfect time to think about giving to others.
Tuesday is a day designated for giving to worthwhile causes, but there’s no reason to wait.
By getting a jump start on Giving Tuesday, people can save money while helping those in need.
It’s a win-win.
In order to connect the dots between those in need and the items to  buy, interested parties need only contact the Angel Tree program, which is administered through the First Lutheran Church in Nebraska City.
To get the ball rolling, just text Sara Vesley (402-209-1304), chairperson for the Angel Tree program. She’ll be happy to visit with you by text or by phone to provide you with details of a family’s needs.
This program seeks to meet the gift needs of children through the generous support of the community.
Businesses and individuals can elect to help  a family with one child all the way up to a family with five children.
Price points for the gifts are $25 or under per gift. Those interested in participating will be informed of the clothing sizes of the children they are buying for as well as a items on that child’s wish list.
Organizers are hoping to give each child a clothing gift and a gift from their wish list.
Since there is a price limit, some gifts are out of reach. Unless, of course, there’s a sale.
People who are participating in the program can elect to purchase a gift that’s priced at under $25 thanks to special sales or deals, even though that item is usually had for a much higher price.
The deadline for delivering gifts to the Angel Tree program is Dec. 16 and gifts can be taken to the First Lutheran Church at 312 South 16th Street.
Thanks to partnerships, the gifts donated by residents will be enhanced by food gifts to the benefit family, including a gift card from Fareway, a turkey from Cargill and the fixings of a holiday meal, courtesy of employee donations at Cargill.
After all of the gifts are collected at the church, the items will be prepared for distribution to families in need.
And residents are invited to help with that process as well.
The processing and preparation process, which includes gift wrapping, will take place on or near the deadline date for gift delivery at the church.
Text Sara for the definite time and date.
The Angel Tree program helped 250 families have a brighter Christmas in 2017.
This year, 270 families wer signed up as of Nov. 21.
Vesley said a lot of the program’s success could be attributed to Randy Rasmussen, the former pastor at the First Lutheran Church.
“Randy has done a fantastic job with this program in the past,” Vesley said.