After the last trick-or-treater rings the final doorbell on Wednesday night, most Americans will shift into holiday mode with thoughts of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.
This year, you can get yourself into the holiday spirit and help a local kid while you are at it.
Tristyn Egri and his family will host Tristyn’s Wonderland Warehouse Sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at their home, 202 S. 22nd St., in Nebraska City in the hopes of offsetting medical expenses related to  a genetic disorder Tristyn has been battling most of his young life.
Hours of the sale will be from 5 to 8 p.m. on Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and from 1 to 6 p.m. on Sunday.
A great assortment of Christmas decor will be on hand for purchase and the spirit will be  further enhanced with holiday treats and coffee.
In the midst of it will be 12-year-old Tristyn.
“He loves Christmas,” says his mom, Jen. “This is a special time of year for him.”
This year’s is also an important time in terms of Tristyn’s health.
It was almost 12 years ago that the family found out their son had significant medical challenges.
A series of tests determined that Tristyn had a very rare genetic disorder, known as Coach Syndrome.
After finding out what their son faced, Jen and her husband, Andi, did everything they could to support Tristyn and meet his medical needs.
It takes diligence to keep Tristyn feeling well and most of those considerations run contrary to what a young boy might want, like sugar and fatty foods.
Due to his medical issues, Tristyn’s liver has already suffered significant damage and those foods, the kinds that kids his age usually eat a lot of, would cause further damage.
When it comes to dealing with these medical issues, it’s really genetic testing that provides the key information so that the conditions can be met with the right treatment.
That genetic testing is the problem.
Jen and Andi have worked through their insurance in an attempt to get the testing paid for and those attempts have met with frustrating denials.
Without the insurance help, the testing that Tristyn needs right now comes with a $5,000 price tag.
Tristyn’s parents are not giving up though. They’re doing everything they can to raise the needed money to give their son the treatment that he so desperately needs.
Jen notes that the price tag of $5,000 has been guaranteed for a period of months leading into the latter part of 2019, August to be exact.
But with the exploding cost of medical care, seemingly by the minute these days, and with Tristyn’s condition needing immediate attention, it’s hard to think of a delay of months before testing. The sooner Tristyn gets tested, the better.
That’s where the winter wonderland comes into play.
Your investment in holiday joy helps to ensure a brighter future for Tristyn.
Jen says people like her son are what makes Nebraska City special.
“He’s so loving and just this big bundle of joy,” Jen said.
Tristyn is very interested in law enforcement. He was a student in the DARE program and wants to be a cop some day.
Jen said that Nebraska City Police Department Officer Jason Holman has taken Tristyn under his wing and has been a great encouragement to him by taking him on tours and getting him aquatinted with other officers.
The joy that Tristyn displays serves as an inspiration to all and a the holiday sale seems to be the perfect way to get a season of giving off to a bright start.
Just drop by and get your Christmas off an early start.
You can also meet the family, Tristyn and his siblings Bricen, 10, and Haydin, 5, along with their mom and dad.