An Auburn venture has expanded to Nebraska City with MERZ Ink joining the business community.
MERZ Ink, which was started in 2014 by the husband and wife team of Logan and Emilie Merz, will fill your needs with skill in screen printing, embroidery and large format printing.
Those skills result in products that range from t-shirts, polos, hats and jackets all the way up to wraps that turn vehicles into moving billboards.
The Nebraska City location for MERZ Ink opened in June of this year and celebrated with a Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce ribbon cutting event on Friday.
Although the business is new to Nebraska City, it’s not new to the people.
Emilie said the MERZ team has done significant work outfitting the athletic teams at Lourdes Central Catholic.
More clients are sure to come. Emilie said the Nebraska City community has been friendly and that she and her husband are looking forward to the possibilities with their new location at 923 7th Corso - Suite C.
You’ll find Emilie at the Nebraska City site daily with Logan and two other employees manning the Auburn site.
Emilie said she does all the embroidery at the Nebraska City site while the screen printing and the large format printing is done in Auburn.
The arrangement of having Emilie come to Nebraska City daily works really well considering that she can act as a courier, taking projects and information to and from Nebraska City and Auburn.
After establishing the business in Auburn, the Merz family decided that expansion was definitely advisable.
In order to get going at a new site, Emilie said the couple began looking for a rental property that would work.
Brad Maybee was able  to find a rental location that filled the business needs.
Emilie said it’s important to have a garage on site since vehicle wraps can not be done in all conditions. There  has to be a controlled environment.
As the days have clicked by in Nebraska City, Emilie said MERZ Ink continues to see more and more new faces walking through the door. And that makes it all worth it.
Having two locations and two children, 3-year-old son Bax, and 1-year-old daughter Daphne keeps the couple hopping and the business adds to their busyness.
“We’ve had a great experience so far,” Emilie said.
If you are looking for more MERZ Ink products, look no further than the Peru State spirit store on the Campus of a Thousand Oaks where you can get all of your MERZ Ink Bobcat merchandise.