Nebraska City animal lovers have a new resource available to help reunite lost pets with their owners.
The Nebraska City Impounds Facebook page was started last year after administrative clerk Alexis Foyt noticed that lost pet information was being shared regularly on the Otoe County Swap and Talk page.
The page serves as a spot for the city to share information about impounded pets or for owners to reach out with information and photos about lost animals, said Foyt, who coordinates the page and the program for the city.
“Social media is playing a very large part in getting dogs home,” said Nebraska City City Clerk/Treasurer Randy Dunster, who oversees the impounds program.
If a lost animal is found in Nebraska City, it is taken to Arbor Valley Animal Clinic for impoundment, said Foyt.
The time the animal remains in impound depends on whether it is licensed with the city of Nebraska City, she said.
Licensed pets are kept up to five days, while unlicensed pets are kept for up to three days before being euthanized.
“A license doesn’t make an animal immune from being impounded,” said Foyt, “but it does make it easier for us to find the animal’s owner.”
Current city regulattions call for the annual licensing of pet dogs and cats that are older than 6 months of age, said Foyt.
License fees for owners under age 62 are $30.25 for intact animals or $10.25 for spayed or neutered animals.
Pet owners age 62 or older pay $25.25 for intact animals or $7.25 for spayed or neutered pets.
Pet licenses are due Feb. 1 each year, said Foyt.
Owners need to bring a copy of the pet’s most recent rabies certificate, which shows that the animal has a current rabies vaccine, when licensing a pet cat or dog.