Eight Otoe County bridges are undergoing a biennial fracture critical inspection by HGM Associates Inc. of Omaha.
Cost for this every-other-year inspection will be $3,832.66, according to Otoe County Highway Superintendent Jonathan Brinkman, who reported on the progress of the inspections at the Otoe County Commissioners meeting Tuesday.
Fracture critical inspections are different from the county’s routine annual bridge inspections, said Brinkman, and focus primarily on truss bridges.
The county’s cost for the bridge inspections ranges from $390.80 to $558.59. Inspection costs are as follows:
Bridge No. C00660815, located near Palmyra near D Road and North 13th Road, will cost $453.59.
Bridge C006601315P, located neart South 12th Road over the South Fork of the Little Nemaha River near Burr, will cost $420.76.
Bridge C006601515, located near South 14th Road over the South Fork of the Little Nemaha River near Burr, will cost $558.59.
Bridge C006602103, located near South 20th Road over the South Fork of the  Little Nemaha River near Burr, will cost $545.75.
Bridge  C006604305P, located over Flood Creek near Otoe at North 44th Road, will cost $498.67.
Bridge C006605315P, located near North 53rd Road and over the Big Slough near Dunbar, will also cost $498.67.
Bridge C006614920, located near F and North 48th Raods near Otoe, will cost $390.80.
Bridge C006632425, located near L Road and over Brownell Creek near Syracuse, will cost $466.13.
Commssioners also adopted the amended 2012 versions of six Model International Building Inspection Codes.
According to Otoe County Attorney David Partsch, the county has been using the amended 2009 version of the codes for building inspections.
Using the amended 2012 version of the codes provides consistency between the county and the city of Nebraska City, said Partsch, who noted the Nebraska City City Council recently adopted the same version of the building codes for its inspections.
Commissioners also discussed the upcoming household hazardous waste recycling event that will be hosted by Five Rivers RC and D on Aug. 17 and 18. Additional details on the event will be released as they become available.
A tire recycling event is also planned in September. Watch for more information on this event in the coming weeks.
The Otoe County Board of Commissioners will host their next regular meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 24, in Room 108 of the Otoe County Courthouse.