The annual summer camp for the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired (NCECBVI) was conducted June 21 through June 24 at Camp Catron in Nebraska City.
Audrey Graves of NCECBVI said the event is an opportunity for the Nebraska City Center to connect with students from all across the state who don’t normally attend classes here.
A total of 23 students, ages 6-17 attended the camp this year.
Graves said the camp kept the students busy the entire time.
“The students had the opportunity to do a lot of outdoor activities,” said Graves.
Students engaged in Geocaching, an outdoor activity in which participants use a Global Positioning System receiver or mobile device to find predetermined locations or objects.
Also on tap were the thrills of a zip line and a giant swing.
Graves compared the giant swing to a rip cord type experience.
Some of the students, the thrill-seekers in the group, were quick to jump into the action.
Others were a bit tentative, Graves said. The major challenge for the event was for educators to communicate to the campers what kind of experience they should expect on the zip line or the giant swing.
Swimming and archery were among other activities, as well as hiking and end-of-the-day camp fire celebrations for the accomplishments of the day.
Graves said the archery was a fun activity for students. Sound behind the targets helped students focus their shot and balloon pops helped them to realize hits.
Technique was a big part of the archery activity and, because of the students’ attention to detail and their patience, they scored higher than archers without vision problems.
The summer camp is now a wrap, but that doesn’t mean the Nebraska City Center won’t have more activities for its families with children who are not regular attendees of the Nebraska City facility.
Graves said the Nebraska City Center also offers parent workshops and will be having the braille challenge.
Another event coming up this year will be the cane quest.
Graves said the cane quest is a competition where students demonstrate cane skills, orientation and mobility.
To get ready for the event, Graves said she and two other staff members, Sara Reuss and Meagan Gerdes will be attending an event in California.
Education gained at that event will help to make cane quest a reality for students here.