Peru State College is looking forward to another summer of construction and renovation. Since 2002, the state of Nebraska, the Peru State College Foundation and friends of the College have contributed more than $75 million to campus construction and renovation.
Major renovations over the past 15 years include every academic building, the Al Wheeler Activity Center, the Oak Bowl, the Administration Building, two residence halls (Morgan Hall and Delzell Hall) and the entrance to campus.
Funding for major construction projects was made possible by state legislature appropriations in partnership with the other schools of the Nebraska State College System.
Jill McCormick, director of campus services, writes, “This summer we have over 6 major construction projects in process totaling more than $7.2 million including a major safety initiative and a major sustainability project.”
With the completion of Delzell Hall in August of 2017, the major construction project on campus continues to be the College Theatre and activity center.
Interior work has begun on the project and it is slated to be completed in the fall of 2018.
Scaffolding is built on the western facade of the College Theatre in preparation for a brick-sculpture by Jay Tschetter.
As part of the Theatre project, geothermal wells are being dug for a new heating and cooling system.
This geothermal project will continue with a second set of wells dug for the Administration Building. When both projects are completed, 30% of the campus will have geothermal heating and cooling.
Other on-campus projects include updates to the fire alarm systems in campus buildings, painting and cleanup across campus. The Al Wheeler Activity Center will have flooring work done and the parking lots for Morgan Hall and the Centennial Complex will be replaced.
Structures on the softball field are being renovated including work to repair roofs, replace older cabinets and painting. The batting cage is slated for replacement too.
The Campus of a Thousand Oaks will also see updates to its state arboretum. New labels will be placed on campus trees and the recreation trail behind the Al Wheeler Activity Center has been reconditioned.
Funding for smaller projects is made through appropriations from funds like those created by LB 309, carry-forward money from previous years or planned maintenance funds.
The Campus of a Thousand Oaks is open to the public and has many points of interest including an art museum, a historic one-room schoolhouse with Peru State museum, a state arboretum and incredible artwork and architecture. Potential students are encouraged to contact Admissions at (402) 872-2221 for a campus tour.